Welcome to the 2014 Season of Club Softball!
Games are scheduled to start on July 23, 2014 at these locations:

  • Yosemite Recreation Center, 1840 Yosemite Dr., LA, CA. 90041
  • Shatto Recreation Center, 3191 4th St., LA, 90020
  • Downey Recreation Center 1772 N. Spring St., LA, 90031

Games are played on Wednesday evenings with the first game at 7:15pm and the second game 8:45pm.

Free Agents - Want to play but don't have a team?

Are you a player that is not part of a team but would like to play on one? Contact the Sports Dude at (800) 464-0452 x 134 or via email sportsdude@cityemployeesclub.com

Who Can Join?

  • Individual (free agent) Players welcome!
  • Please note: Time and space are extremely limited for the 2014 season of the Club Softball League. Once filled, we will keep your name for next summer's league.
  • All new players must be Club Members and agree to all regular Club Membership rules and regulations. Players who are not Club Members must join to play in the Club Softball League. Some exceptions for specific relatives of Club members.
  • All new players must be City, State, County, SFCU, or LAUSD employees as well as retired employees from each of these entities (some exceptions must be approved by the league office).
  • This is a co-ed league: for both men and women.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out the forms and submit it to the sportsdude@cityemployeesclub.com. Alternatively, the Sports Dude will be at the Club store every Monday morning if you would like to meet him in person to go over any details.

Got More Questions, call (800) 464-0452 x 134.

More Info on Field Conditions

Field Condition Phone Hotline: 818-765-0743
Or just e-mail RAP.GameStatus@lacity.org with the subject line of, "gamestatus" (no space between "game" and "status"). You will immediately get an automated reply message with the most updated status of each field that Municipal Sports plays.

Scores & Standings

Scores, standings, photos, and announcements are updated on a regular basis. Please check in to see new information.

Team Registration Forms

Required at Registration Time