What is Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

Long-tern care insurance is designed to pay benefits for some of the expenses you may incur if you need supervision or assistance with basic activities of daily living (ADLs), including bathing, eating, continence, dressing, toileting, eating and transferring. You may need this kind of help following an accident or illness such as a stroke, because of older age and frailty, or because you need supervision due to a cognitive disorder like Alzheimer's disease.

Does Disability Income Insurance Cover Long-Term Care?

No. Disability Income insurance does not pay for medical care, personal care, or long-term care, regardless of whether it is "short term" or "long-term" disability income protection. The purpose of this type of insurance is to replace earned income.

Can I insure my spouse, domestic partner, parents, in-laws, or grandparents?

Yes! They're all eligible for Long Term Care coverage at LACEA's low group rates. You may want to consider pooling resources with your brothers and sisters to cover your parents and grandparents. Their savings, home and belongings could be at stakeā€¦and so could your inheritance.

When should I buy LTC Insurance?

Even if you're completely healthy, it's a good idea to apply for LTC insurance before your older age puts you into a higher premium rate. Perhaps your family has a history of early heart problems or chronic illnesses. Are you smoking, overeating or taking other chances? Maybe your work involves risk or high stress. Even your age can throw you into a higher risk category. Consider all these factors before deciding to wait. Waiting could be more costly than insurance.

Downloadable Forms

Download our forms directly. You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view it.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply when I retire?

Yes, however your rate will be higher and you can never foresee what your health may be so if you are unable to pass the medical underwriting you will not be eligible for the coverage even if you can afford it.

Are my LTC premiums deductible?

While the Club's LTC Insurance policy is a Tax Qualified plan, you should consult with an accountant or tax attorney to help you understand the interaction of the different benefits and costs.

Can I take the plan when I retire or leave City employment?

Yes, simply advise us when you retire so that the premiums can be deducted out of your pension or make other arrangements for payment.

Should I buy the plan if I plan to retire outside of the U.S.?

If your intent is to retire abroad, there are other plans out there that you can buy however, the Club's plan is not the best option for you.

Doesn't my medical insurance, Medicare, or MediCAL pay for LTC insurance?

No. Some Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and other Medicare Advantage plans have a contract with the federal government to provide Medicare covered services to Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare HMOs and other Medicare Advantage plans usually provide only those skilled nursing facility services and home health services that are covered my Medicare and meet the same requirements for skilled care.