This Month's Alive

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What is this Digital Alive All About?

The latest issue of the Digital Alive contains the exact content as the paper version, but with a richer and more interactive format that will bring you a more engaging experience at the touch of your fingers while giving you the freedom to view it from anywhere and at anytime.

Why should I use the Digital Alive?
  • You can print the pages you want when you want it
  • You can read the Alive! before the paper is mailed
  • Interactive links make reading the Alive more fun
  • Clutter free and eco-friendly. No more wasted paper.
  • You can now search the entire Alive!
How do I opt out of the paper Alive?

It's OK. Not everyone wants the paper version of the Alive! because of the reason we just mentioned. If you don't want to receive the paper Alive! anymore, simply email us at with your name, mailing address, and Member ID (if you know it).